The books we are currently buying back can be found on the Text Book Buy Back list.


Textbooks must be for current University of Canterbury courses and the correct or current edition.

Quantities bought back are capped. Books may be declined due to sufficient quantities already.

There are two price tiers for buybacks.

Tier One – Books in good condition, complete with cd-rom, if appropriate. No highlighting, pen/pencil margin notes, or underlining through text (name on inside cover is okay).

Tier Two – Books in average/good condition. Some highlighting, etc, acceptable. May be missing cd-rom.

Very tatty, damaged, or excessively marked books will not be purchased back.

Books are purchased subject to later verification of acceptable condition, edition, etc. Books found to be unacceptable will be returned.

Buyback status and prices subject to change without notice.

Payment Option

Direct credit to your bank account

  • Please allow seven days for processing and verification
  • Please provide your 15-digit bank account
  • Seller must produce photo ID