• Awesome Ends In Me A Resilient ME(TM) Gratitude Journal for Kids:

    Awesome Ends In Me A Resilient ME(TM) Gratitude Journal for Kids:
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    Stay focused. Keep calm. Be positive.

    Children are capable of extraordinary things...

    Adversity is a fact of life, but being resilient means they are better able to cope during hardships or challenges, and sometimes bounce back stronger than they were before.

    Resilience is more than just putting on a brave face, it is having the capacity to persevere and to recover quickly from difficulties - disappointments, setbacks, illness and tragedy.

    It is one of the best skills we can teach to our children.

    Helping ourselves and those we love survive through difficult times can seem like a distant dream. But imagine not just surviving but thriving. Becoming stronger and wiser through the experiences of everyday life. That is what building resilience is all about.

    Childhood is the perfect time to develop resilience and the Resilient ME(TM) guided gratitude journals are the perfect tool to start this journey.

    For ages 5-12 this journal not only teaches kids how to get the most out of practicing gratitude, but also has heaps of fun activities to help them build resilience and boost happiness, focus on what is important, stay calm when facing challenges and build a positive attitude..

    Kids can learn to manage emotions, create a growth mindset, focus on their strengths, create meaningful connections, and maintain healthy habits to live a happy life.

    A5 size (148 x 210mm) contains 108 pages and a soft cover.

    We can't always stop our kids facing challenges but we can give them the skills so that these challenges don't break them.

    And the best news?! Resilience can be learned through fostering a positive attitude, having the ability to regulate emotions, being able to focus on strengths rather than weaknesses, making meaningful connections and creating healthy habits. All features of our new resilience and gratitude journal.

    ISBN: 9780995118751
    Publication date: 20/05/2019
    Price: $23.99
    Author: Awesome Inc
    Format: Paperback
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