• Crafting Aotearoa
    Crafting Aotearoa
    A major new history of craft that spans three centuries of making and thinking in Aotearoa New Zealand and the wider Moana (Pacific). Paying attention to Pakeha (European New Zealanders), Maori, and island nations of the wider Moana, and old and new migrant makers and their works, this book is a history of craft understood as an idea that shifts and changes over time. At the heart of this book lie the relationships between Pakeha, Maori and wider Moana artistic practices that, at different times and for different reasons, have been described by the term craft. It tells the previously untold story of craft in Aotearoa New Zealand, so that the connections, as well as the differences and tensions, can be identified and explored. This book proposes a new idea of craft--one that acknowledges Pakeha, Maori and wider Moana histories of making, as well as diverse community perspectives towards objects and their uses and meanings.

    ISBN: 9780994136275
    Publication date: 17/10/2019
    Price: $85.00
    Author: Chitham, Karl
    Format: Hard Back
    Price: $85.00
  • Protest Tautohetohe 150 Years of Resistance and Persistence
    Protest Tautohetohe 150 Years of Resistance and Persistence
    For a small, peaceful democracy in the South Pacific, New Zealand has had its fair share of major protest issues, and over the decades New Zealanders have become adept at mobilising around causes. From protest about war - be it the
    New Zealand Wars, the Great War, the Vietnam War or the invasion of Iraq - to trade union action, protests against apartheid and nuclear ship visits, protest for the rights of women and LGBTQI people, protests for better race relations and to protect the environment, and protest to save key services and protect heritage,
    Aotearoa New Zealand has a long legacy of activism. This richly illustrated book brings together the objects made by protesters to proclaim and symbolise their causes and their struggles. From banners to badges, t-shirts to teatowels, posters to photographs, it is a vivid reflection of 250 years of resistance and persistence.

    ISBN: 9780994146045
    Publication date: 14/11/2019
    Price: $70.00
    Author: Gibson, Stephanie
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $70.00