• Reform
    Reform has been a recurring theme throughout Geoffrey Palmer's life, not only during his career in politics as an MP, Deputy Prime Minister and Prime Minister but also as a law professor and law practitioner. In this memoir, Geoffrey Palmer recounts the events and forces that shaped him as well as his many adventures in reforming a wide range of institutions, laws and policies. He speaks of his early life and family background in Nelson and the eventful lives of his pioneering ancestors. He examines the intellectual influences on his thinking, particularly the nature of his education both in New Zealand and the United States. Geoffrey Palmer chronicles his life according to the issues: accident compensation, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Law Commission, liquor law, Maori issues, parliamentary reform, the Resource Management Act, law and order, prisons, and local government reform are all discussed in-depth. International issues also come within the compass of the book, with extensive treatment of New Zealand's anti-nuclear policy, the 'Rainbow Warrior' affair, the Gaza Flotilla incident and Palmer's diplomatic efforts to reform the International Whaling Commission.
    Meticulously detailed, engagingly written, and covering a wide variety of topics, Reform is essential reading for anyone interested in New Zealand legal and political history.

    ISBN: 9780864739742
    Publication date: 02/05/2014
    Price: $50.00
    Author: Geoffrey Palmer
    Format: Trade Paperback
    Price: $50.00
  • Ruth Roger and Me Debts and Legacies
    Ruth Roger and Me Debts and Legacies
    ISBN: 9780908321216
    Publication date: 10/04/2015
    Price: $14.99
    Author: Dean, Andrew
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $14.99
  • Sorrows of a Century Interpreting Suicide in New Zealand 1900-2000
    Sorrows of a Century Interpreting Suicide in New Zealand 1900-2000
    Focusing on New Zealand's comprehensive and accessible coroners' records, John Weaver analyses some twelve thousand cases to determine the social and cultural factors that contribute to suicide rates. He examines the official investigations into sudden deaths, placing them within the context of major events and societal changes. This remarkable assessment spans witness statements, suicide notes and medical records to provide new insights on prevention strategies. A powerful and poignant analysis of the motives for suicide, set amidst the challenges of the twentieth century. Co-published with McGill-Queen's University Press.

    ISBN: 9781927277232
    Publication date: 22/04/2014
    Price: $59.99
    Author: Weaver, John C.
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $59.99
  • Struggle for Sovereignty: New Zealand and Twenty First Century Statehood
    Struggle for Sovereignty: New Zealand and Twenty First Century Statehood
    In the era of public choice and free markets, does the New Zealand state still have the best interests of its individual citizens at heart? Since 1984, as Margaret Wilson argues, the shift to a neo-liberal public policy framework has profoundly affected the country's sovereignty. In this far-sighted BWB Text, Professor Wilson draws on a wealth of knowledge and experience to assess the future of New Zealand statehood in a globalised world.

    ISBN: 9780908321209
    Publication date: 01/04/2015
    Price: $14.99
    Author: Wilson, Margaret
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $14.99
  • Understanding Children and Childhood T
    Understanding Children and Childhood T
    Recommended text TEDU 201 semester 1, 2019

    ISBN: 9781927131763
    Publication date: 16/12/2013
    Edition: 5
    Price: $55.80
    Author: Smith, Anne B.
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $55.80
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