• Te Marae a Guide to Customs and Protocol
    Te Marae a Guide to Customs and Protocol
    Do women have the right to speak on a marae? How should one respond to the wero? Who speaks first and last during whai korero? When do the manuhiri present their koha to the tangata whenua? These and many other questions are answered in this invaluable introduction Maori protocol. Hiwi and Pat Tauroa outline the sequence of events beginning when visitors arrive at the gates of a marae and ending with their departure. Includes information on appropriate behaviour and spiritual background, plus a selection of waiata, karakia and mihi for the visitor who wishes to make correct responses.

    ISBN: 9780143202424
    Publication date: 16/04/2009
    Price: $25.00
    Author: Tauroa, Hiwi
    Format: Trade Paperback
    Price: $25.00
  • Te Wahapu Launch Yourself into Te Reo Maori
    Te Wahapu Launch Yourself into Te Reo Maori
    Te Wahapu is the second book in this comprehensive, enjoyable and easily understandable self-tuition course for Maori language. Te Rere o te Reo offers an up-to-date bilingual approach to mastering te reo Maori, designed for learners of all backgrounds in today's world. As notable Maori language advocate Piripi Walker says in his foreword: 'Te Wahapu, like Te Hikuwai before it, provides all the steps you need for mastery of the first stages of speaking and writing idiomatic Maori. It has been located within real-life activities of contemporary people, scenarios which imagine you using Maori, in Maori-speaking networks, in modern settings. The books offer a reference text, workbook and audio resource all in one. They are structured in units, each opening with a dialogue and followed by explanations of words, expressions and language patterns. Exercises and activities - with space for your answers - reinforce key points of learning at every step. In the classroom - Te Rere o te Reo (the flow of language) is a foundation course in three levels: Te Hikuwai (the stream); Te Wahapu (the river mouth); Te Moana Waiwai (the open sea).
    Teachers will find that the course's design for self-tuition enhances its classroom use with secondary students, as well as adult learners, launching into Maori language. Te Wahapu along with Te Hikuwai form at least two-thirds of a three-year basic course. The course overall will offer teachers and students all the resources they need for students to achieve NCEA Level 1 in the language.

    ISBN: 9780170185714
    Publication date: 11/08/2011
    Price: $46.99
    Author: Cormack, Ian
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $46.99
  • Te Whanake 2 Te Pihinga T
    Te Whanake 2 Te Pihinga T
    Required text TREO 260 semester 1 & semester 2, 2019

    ISBN: 9780582543270
    Publication date: 27/06/2001
    Edition: 2
    Price: $99.89
    Author: Moorfield
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $99.89
  • Tikanga Maori Living by Maori Values
    Tikanga Maori Living by Maori Values
    Tikanga Maori is the authoritative and accessible introduction to understanding the correct Maori ways of doing things as they were done in the past, as they are done in the present - and as they may yet be.In this revised edition, Hirini Mead has added an extensive new chapter on mana whenua, mana moana, Maori authority over land and ocean, and the different interpretations and applications of mana whenua and mana moana historically and today.Hirini Mead has also updated the section on tangihanga to include contemporary issues about cremation choices and what happens to the deceased in Maori/non-Maori partnerships where there are disputes about following tangi tikanga or Pakeha traditions.The remainder of the book explores how tikanga Maori may influence contemporary life and society, and Hirini Mead proposes guidelines to help us test appropriate responses to challenges that may yet be laid down.

    ISBN: 9781775502227
    Publication date: 17/10/2016
    Price: $45.00
    Author: Mead, Hirini Moko
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $45.00
  • Treaty of Waitangi
    Treaty of Waitangi
    Claudia Orange's remarkable history was first published in 1987. Winning the Goodman Fielder Wattie Award, it went on to sell over 40,000 copies. Much that the book said was new to Pakeha - and even more surprising was the force with which Maoridom welcomed (and drove forward) the government's initiatives - particularly the newly formed Waitangi Tribunal. Today the Treaty has come to signify what both joins and divides the people of this country. It had different meanings also to those present at the 1840 signing - the new arrivals and the tangata Whenua then occupying the land. To the British, it was the means by which they gained sovereignty over the country; for Maori, it represented something closer to partnership. That these distinct meanings were conveyed in texts written in different languages only added to the complexities now woven around this crucial agreement. The Treaty of Waitangi is a comprehensive study, looking at the place of the Treaty in New Zealand history from its making in the early nineteenth century through to the renewed engagement of the late twentieth century.
    In a new introduction, Claudia Orange brings the history up to date - covering the dramatic shifts of political allegiance, the impact of the major settlements on iwi (and on the economy), the place of the Treaty in legislation, and legislation such as the Foreshore and Seabed Act of 2004. Maori and Pakeha are all affected now by the terms of the Treaty - and few can be unaware of its significance, however each of us may view its role.

    ISBN: 9781877242489
    Publication date: 28/01/2011
    Price: $49.99
    Author: Orange, Claudia
    Format: Trade Paperback
    Price: $49.99
  • Treaty of Waitangi Companion Maori and Pakeha from Tasman to Today
    Treaty of Waitangi Companion Maori and Pakeha from Tasman to Today
    Since the Treaty of Waitangi was signed by Maori chiefs and Governor Hobson in 1840 it has become the defining document in New Zealand history. From the New Zealand Wars to the 1975 Land March, from the Kingitanga to the Waitangi Tribunal, from Captain Cook to Hone Harawira, The Treaty of Waitangi Companion tells the story of the Treaty and Maori and Pakeha relations through the many voices of those who made this country's history. Sourced from government publications and newspapers, letters and diaries, poems, paintings and cartoons, the Companion brings to life the long history of debates about the Treaty and life in Aotearoa. Was the Treaty a Maori Magna Carta or a fraud? A blueprint for partnership or an instrument of annexation and dispossession? In the Treaty of Waitangi Companion we hear Maori and Pakeha wrestling with those issues, including King Tawhiao's frustrated pleas to colonial politicians, Te Whiti's message of peace and Sir William Martin's appeals against the injustice of confiscation.
    The Treaty of Waitangi Companion is an invaluable book for students, from high school to postgraduate, and general readers who want to get directly to the heart of New Zealand history.

    ISBN: 9781869404673
    Publication date: 01/11/2010
    Price: $49.99
    Author: O'Malley, Vincent
    Format: Trade Paperback
    Price: $49.99
  • Treaty of Waitangi in New Zealand's Law and Constitution
    Treaty of Waitangi in New Zealand's Law and Constitution
    Delving into an important constitutional issue, this thorough examination details the up-to-date legal arguments involved in the indigenous-rights debate around the 1840 Treaty of Waitangi. Uniquely combining conceptual academic theory with grounded and realistic suggestions for improving the ways the New Zealand government deals with the Maori, this comprehensive account outlines the significance behind an unresolved controversy that affects New Zealand's identity and culture, as well as their constitution, law, and economy.

    ISBN: 9780864735799
    Publication date: 14/11/2008
    Price: $50.00
    Author: Palmer, Matthew
    Format: Trade Paperback
    Price: $50.00
  • Urewera Notebook by Katherine Mansfield
    Urewera Notebook by Katherine Mansfield
    Katherine Mansfield filled the first half of her 'Urewera Notebook' during a 1907 camping tour of the central North Island, shortly before she left New Zealand forever. Her camping notes offer a rare insight into her attitude to her life at the time, and her country of birth, not in retrospective fiction but as a 19-year-old still living in the colony. This publication is the first scholarly edition of the 'Urewera Notebook'. It provides an original transcription, a collation of the alternative readings and textual criticism of prior editors, and new information about the politics, people and places Mansfield encountered on her journey. As a whole, this edition challenges the debate that has focused on Mansfield's happiness or dissatisfaction throughout her last year in New Zealand to reveal a young writer closely observing aspects of a country hitherto beyond her experience and forming a complex critique of her colonial homeland.

    ISBN: 9781927322031
    Publication date: 01/06/2015
    Price: $49.99
    Author: Mansfield, Katherine
    Format: Hard Back
    Price: $49.99
  • What's Maori About Maori Education
    What's Maori About Maori Education
    It is relatively easy to critique the New Zealand education system and show how inequalities in the treatment of Maori students have gone on for generations, to the extent that Maori justifiably perceive the system as being inherently biased against them. It is far more difficult to explain why Maori, despite their warrior heritage, persist in seeking out compromise positions with a dominant mainstream, or how they can do this without allowing a kind of refining or 'thinning out' of what it means to be Maori (what Foucault aptly refers to as 'procedures of rarefaction'). The slogan popularised in the mid-1900s, following Sir Apirana Ngata's familiar aphorism, 'E tipu e rea' - reinterpreted as 'we want the best of both worlds' - has not diminished in salience, and indeed may even have taken on a more strident note in the contemporary form 'we demand the best of all worlds'. This is a story about what it feels like to be a Maori in an education system where, for more than a century, equality, social justice and fairness for all New Zealanders has been promised but not adequately provided.
    It was not until the late 1970s and early 1980s that ordinary Maori in a few key communities throughout the country courageously stepped outside the Pakeha system and created an alternative Maori system in order to whakamana (enhance) their own interpretations of what it means to achieve equality, social justice and fairness through education. The question now is, what has the dominant mainstream education system learned about itself from the creative backlash of the Maori 'struggle for a meaningful context', and what is it going to do to address the equally important question of 'what is an education for all New Zealanders?'.

    ISBN: 9780864736147
    Publication date: 04/06/2010
    Price: $50.00
    Author: Penetito, Wally
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $50.00
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