• Ask that Mountain the Story of Parihaka
    Ask that Mountain the Story of Parihaka
    Parihaka has become a byword for Maori refusal to yield land, culture and dignity to New Zealand's colonial government. Well after the end of the New Zealand Wars, the people of this small settlement at the foot of Mt Taranaki held out against the encroachments of Pakeha settlers in a struggle that swapped the weapons of war for the weapons of peace. Taking as their symbol the white feather, the chiefs Te Whiti and Tohu led Parihaka in one of the world's first-recorded campaigns of passive resistance. Maori ploughmen wrote its message across the settlers' pastures, and Maori fencers underlined the point by throwing barriers across the queen's highways. Withstanding repeated military action, the spirit of resistance born at Parihaka kept alive the flame of that supposedly 'dying race', the Maori. Ask That Mountain draws on official papers, settler manuscripts and oral history to give the first complete account of what took place at Parihaka. Now in its ninth edition, this seminal work was in 1995 named by the Sunday Star-Times as one of the ten most important books published in New Zealand.

    ISBN: 9780143010869
    Publication date: 24/11/2008
    Edition: R
    Price: $45.00
    Author: Scott, Dick
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $45.00
  • Best of Both Worlds the Story of Elsdon Best and Tutakangahau
    Best of Both Worlds the Story of Elsdon Best and Tutakangahau
    In 1895 a meeting took place in the rugged Urewera ranges - Tuhoe country - that would have lasting effects on our views of traditional Maori society. Elsdon Best, a self-taught anthropologist and quartermaster on the road past Lake Waikaremoana, was sought out by a leading Tuhoe chief, Tutakangahau of Maungapohatu. The stories he gave to Best to be recorded for future generations are with us today. Best went on to become a noted Pakeha authority on a people he would style as the last of 'the oldtime Maori'. How much did the old man tell him? Was it freely given? Can Best's writings - so pervasive today in our understanding of Maori culture - be truly relied upon? In his unique examination of this historically significant relationship, Jeffrey Paparoa Holman poses such searching questions, further informing a vital national debate on the shared identity - and destiny - of Maori and Pakeha.

    ISBN: 9780143008422
    Publication date: 01/03/2010
    Price: $41.00
    Author: Holman, Jeffrey Paparoa
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $41.00
  • Future Challenges for Maori He Korero Anamata
    Future Challenges for Maori He Korero Anamata
    The contributors draw on their research, knowledge and practical experience to address a variety of contemporary issues of importance to Maori. The topics they explore cover identity and selfdetermination, the environment, te reo Maori, education, social and economic issues, and governance and leadership. Discussions reflect the many contexts within which new ideas arise and are then debated and explored, as well as the many ways in which knowledge can be created and shared. Throughout the book, Maori people, history, strengths, resources and circumstances are at the forefront.

    ISBN: 9781775501534
    Publication date: 06/12/2013
    Price: $45.00
    Author: Katene/Mulholla
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $45.00
  • He Pataka Kupu Te Kai a Te Rangatira
    He Pataka Kupu Te Kai a Te Rangatira
    He Pataka Kupu: te kai a te rangatira is a taonga - a landmark Maori-only language resource, compiled out of seven years' research by the Maori Language Commission. Containing almost 24,000 entries, it is a comprehensive and authoritative dictionary of the Maori language, for proficient Maori speakers. For each entry, the dictionary gives the atua category, parts of speech, definitions, examples of the word used in context, and an etymology of the word, drawing on a wide corpus of written material in te reo.

    ISBN: 9780143010470
    Publication date: 29/06/2009
    Price: $55.00
    Author: Maori Language Commission
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $55.00
  • He Reo Wahine Maori Women's Voices from the Nineteenth Century
    He Reo Wahine Maori Women's Voices from the Nineteenth Century
    During the nineteenth century, Maori women produced letters and memoirs, wrote off to newspapers and commissioners, appeared before commissions of enquiry, gave evidence in court cases, and went to the Native Land Court to assert their rights. He Reo Wahine is a bold new introduction to the experience of Maori women in colonial New Zealand through Maori women's own words - the speeches and evidence, letters and testimonies that they left in the archive.Drawing from over 500 texts in both English and te reo Maori written by Maori women themselves, or expressing their words in the first person, He Reo Wahine explores the range and diversity of Maori women's concerns and interests, the many ways in which they engaged with colonial institutions, as well as their understanding and use of the law, legal documents, and the court system. The book both collects those sources - providing readers with substantial excerpts from letters, petitions, submissions and other documents - and interprets them. Eight chapters group texts across key themes: land sales, war, land confiscation and compensation, politics, petitions, legal encounters, religion and other private matters.Beside a large scholarship on New Zealand women's history, the historical literature on Maori women is remarkably thin. This book changes that by utilising the colonial archives to explore the feelings, thoughts and experiences of M?ori women - and their relationships to the wider world.

    ISBN: 9781869408664
    Publication date: 30/07/2017
    Price: $49.99
    Author: Paterson, Lachy
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $49.99
  • He Whakamarama a Full Self Help Course in Maori
    He Whakamarama a Full Self Help Course in Maori
    He Whakamarama is a full course in everyday Maori language. Aimed at students of all ages and backgrounds, it features a concise but comprehensive approach in one volume. Straightforward explanations with numerous examples. A logical sequence to allow rapid progress. Revision exercises to reinforce and confirm understanding. Classic photos by Gil Hanly.

    ISBN: 9781442531093
    Publication date: 01/01/2012
    Edition: 4
    Price: $61.99
    Author: Foster, John
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $61.99
  • Healing Our History the Challenge of the Treaty of Waitangi
    Healing Our History the Challenge of the Treaty of Waitangi
    The Treaty of Waitangi is the most important document in New Zealand's history. Current Treaty issues and Maori/Pakeha relationships can only be understood within the wider story of New Zealand. As we understand and honour our history, we can acknowledge the need for restoration, healing and right relationships. The public response to previous editions of this bestselling book by Robert Consedine and his daughter Joanna Consedine has been strong and overwhelmingly positive. This 2012 edition updates and expands on the critical issues: the foreshore and seabed debate, Maori access to political power, and the emergence of the Maori Party; the remarkable growth of the Maori economy, self-determination, Maori language and the developments in Maori education; constitutional issues, and the benefits of the Treaty settlement process. New Zealand and all New Zealanders have much to celebrate - and many challenges ahead. Drawing on Robert's unique experience as a leading Treaty educator, the powerful message of this book illustrates how each and every New Zealander across all cultures can discover a new sense of personal and national identity, grounded in an authentic Treaty relationship.

    ISBN: 9780143567691
    Publication date: 28/03/2012
    Edition: 3
    Price: $30.00
    Author: Consedine, Robert
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $30.00
  • Instant Maori
    Instant Maori
    Instant! Maori is a pocket-sized Maori-English phrase book packed with hundreds of practical and down-to-earth phrases - made easy. Using phonetics, it enables readers to speak correct Maori in seconds. The content includes the short and long version of what to say on a Marae, how to talk to your pets, appropriate phrases to say when at a hangi or in the pub, how to recite The Lord's Prayer, how to introduce yourself and family in Maori and even verbal exit strategies when you're surrounded by the Mongrel Mob.

    ISBN: 9780476006676
    Publication date: 23/09/2004
    Price: $14.99
    Author: Theobald, Nick
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $14.99
  • Maori at Home
    Maori at Home
    Kei hea o putu whutuporo? Where are your rugby boots? Homai te ranu tomato Pass me the tomato sauce Kei te pehea te huarere i tenei ra? How is the weather today? Kei hea to mahi kainga? Where is your homework? Kati te whakaporearea i to tuahine! Stop annoying your sister! Maori at Home is the perfect introduction to the Maori language. A highly practical, easy and fun resource for everyday New Zealanders, it covers the basics of life in and around a typical Kiwi household. Whether you're practising sport, getting ready for school, celebrating a birthday, preparing a shopping list or relaxing at the beach, Maori at Home gives you the words and phrases - and confidence - you need.

    ISBN: 9780143771470
    Publication date: 28/08/2017
    Price: $35.00
    Author: Morrison, Scotty & Stacey
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $35.00
  • Maori for the Office Te Reo Maori Mo Te Tari
    Maori for the Office Te Reo Maori Mo Te Tari
    Maori for the Office/Te Reo Maori mo te Tari aims to help those who wish to use Maori in the workplace. It provides a series of word lists and set phrases relating to the use of Maori in everyday conversation, in letters, on the telephone, in job advertisements.

    ISBN: 9780195583779
    Publication date: 01/09/1997
    Price: $28.99
    Author: The Maori Language Commission
    Format: Trade Paperback
    Price: $28.99
  • Maori in Aotearoa New Zealand Understanding the Culture Protocols and Customs
    Maori in Aotearoa New Zealand Understanding the Culture Protocols and Customs
    Starting with the beaching of his Mataatua Bay of Plenty ancestral canoe, Buddy Mikaere provides a highly readable historical overview of Maori in New Zealand and goes on to examine the impact of a changing urban world on the traditional way of life. He describes the renaissance of Maori culture and the revival of language and traditions that were nearly lost to the past. The importance of marae and community, with tribal structure still evident in the settlement of Maori Treaty of Waitangi claims, the vitality of kapa haka and waka ama for Maori youth, the art of ta moko tattooing - all of these modern manifestations of culture are discussed and reviewed. Customs observed in formal situations, where people meet and greet one another, and at the marae where they come together to communicate and share hospitality, is described in detail, as is the tradition of burial. Photographs drawn from various sources, both historical and current, give a vivid impression of Maori traditions.

    ISBN: 9781869663988
    Publication date: 01/11/2013
    Price: $32.99
    Author: Mikaere, Buddy
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $32.99
  • Maori Made Easy for Everyday Learners of the Maori Language T
    Maori Made Easy for Everyday Learners of the Maori Language T
    Required text TECM 101 Jan-Feb 2019
    Required text TECE 359 semester 1 & semester 2, 2019
    Required text TEPI 333 semester 1, 2019
    Required text TECM 101 semester 1, 2019
    Required text TEPI 320 semester 1, 2019
    Required text TEPP 320 semester 1, 2019
    Required text TEPI 321 semester 2, 2019
    Required text TEPP 321 semester 2, 2019
    Required text TECM 201 semester 1, 2019
    Required text TECM 301 semester 1, 2019

    ISBN: 9780143570912
    Publication date: 28/01/2015
    Price: $34.20
    Author: Morrison, Scotty
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $34.20
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