• Lyttelton Port and Town an Illustrated History
    Lyttelton Port and Town an Illustrated History
    This is the story of Canterbury's main port and one of its oldest boroughs. Using many previously unpublished images from the collections of the Canterbury and Lyttelton museums, this book weaves the diverse themes of port and town into a narrative, noting key events and explaining patterns of change across 150 years.

    ISBN: 9781877257247
    Price: $34.99
    Author: Rice, Geoffrey
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $34.99
  • Make Her Praises Heard Afar
    Make Her Praises Heard Afar
    The history books tell us that about 550 New Zealand nurses went to World War One while other women stayed home, knitting, fundraising and looking after families and farms while the men were away. But many women went too - as doctors and ambulance drivers, munitions workers and mathematicians, civil servants and servicewomen in British units, and in many other roles. They mainly paid their own fares and worked for very little. Some provided amenities for soldiers and others, and these have often been attributed to the military or men's groups. Make her Praises Heard Afar introduces women whose contribution to the war effort has been overlooked, telling an astonishing story with extraordinary range and depth of research. The title's use of a phrase from the national anthem invites New Zealand women to recognise that they were us - 100 years ago. New Zealand women who have read World War One books by men and about men are ready to appreciate that women were there too. This book will appeal to a wide range of women - particularly those interested in women's history, feminism and World War One. There is much interest from family members of these women and from young women. The book is written for a wide readership in simple, accessible prose. Jane is the author of a New Zealand Book Award winning biography of Ettie Rout, the New Zealand woman most associated in the public mind with World War One. She wrote a second book on Ettie in 2014, focussing on her wartime safe sex campaign, Ettie Rout: New Zealand's safer sex pioneer. She was co-director of the World War One Oral History Archive, and interviewed 85 veterans. She produced In the Shadow of War, with Nicholas Boyack, and in 2013 listened to the whole archive to produce An Awfully Big Adventure, telling the story of the war in the men's words, chronologically. She uses the chronological format for Make Her Praises Heard Afar, telling stories of individuals and groups through the war, using extended quotes when appropriate. There is expected to be wide interest in the book from the media as it upsets the generallyaccepted story and shows that New Zealand women have been left out of the national narrative of the war.

    ISBN: 9780473399658
    Publication date: 11/11/2017
    Price: $59.99
    Author: Tolerton, Jane
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $59.99
  • Making a New Land Environmental Histories of New Zealand
    Making a New Land Environmental Histories of New Zealand
    Making a New Land presents an interdisciplinary perspective on one of the most rapid and extensive transformations in human history: that which followed Maori and then European colonisation of New Zealand's temperate islands. This is a new edition of Environmental Histories of New Zealand, first published in 2002, brimming with new content and fresh insights into the causes and nature of this transformation, and the new landscapes and places that it produced. Unusually among environmental histories, this book provides a comprehensive analysis of change, focusing on international as well as local contexts. Its 19 chapters are organised in five broadly chronological parts: Encounters, Colonising, Wild Places, Modernising, and Contemporary Perspectives. These are framed by an editorial introduction and a reflective epilogue. The book is well illustrated with photographs, maps, cartoons and other graphics.

    ISBN: 9781877578526
    Publication date: 01/10/2013
    Price: $50.00
    Author: Pawson, Eric
    Format: Not Applicable
    Price: $50.00
  • Matariki the Star of the Year
    Matariki the Star of the Year
    In mid-winter, Matariki rises in the pre-dawn sky, and its observation is celebrated with incantations on hilltops at dawn, balls, exhibitions, dinners and a vast number of events. The Matariki tradition has been re-established, and its regeneration coincides with a growing interest in Maori astronomy. Still, there remain some unanswered questions about how Matariki was traditionally observed. These include:

    What is Matariki?
    Why did Maori observe Matariki?
    How did Maori traditionally celebrate Matariki?
    When and how should Matariki be celebrated?
    Based on research and interviews with Maori experts, this book seeks answers to these questions and explores what Matariki was in a traditional sense so it can be understood and celebrated in our modern society.

    ISBN: 9781775503255
    Publication date: 01/06/2017
    Price: $35.00
    Author: Matamua, Rangi
    Format: Trade Paperback
    Price: $35.00
  • New Zealand Between the Wars
    New Zealand Between the Wars
    If World War One was the crucible that forged an independent New Zealand identity, then the two decades following are surely the years in which the foundation for the new nation was laid. In shedding the last vestiges of colonial society in exchange for the trappings of a modern democratic nation, the 1920s and 1930s in New Zealand set a blueprint for state intervention and assistance that remained unchallenged for the next 50 years. Along with the period's vast technological and infrastructural changes, most of which were state-funded and controlled, came new forms of communication, transport, entertainment and employment which led to changing expectations and reform in education, health, welfare, home ownership and commerce. From the depths of the Great Depression to the bright promise of the Welfare State, the interwar decades transformed New Zealand society, consolidating trends established before the war and initiating a slew of changes in attitude and practice that, as markers of modernity, set New Zealand firmly on its current course.

    ISBN: 9780994136367
    Publication date: 09/10/2017
    Price: $45.00
    Author: Bell, Rachael
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $45.00
  • New Zealand Experience at Gallipoli and the Western Front
    New Zealand Experience at Gallipoli and the Western Front
    In The New Zealand Experience at Gallipoli and the Western Front, historian Matthew Wright goes to the heart of how the First World War affected the lives of ordinary New Zealanders. The book analyses what it was like for New Zealand soldiers at the two main battle fronts where they fought, and frames it with the social effects back home. Beginning with an outline of pre-war New Zealand society, Wright portrays the extraordinary world of war into which its young men plunged as they entered the baptism of fire at Gallipoli. The end of innocence that the withdrawal from the Dardanelles implied led to a harder, more fatalistic approach in the theatre of mechanised death that was the Western Front. By war's end, hope and glory had faded, replaced by a new view of military heroism - in a country forever changed

    ISBN: 9780947506193
    Publication date: 06/04/2017
    Price: $49.99
    Author: Wright, Matthew
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $49.99
  • New Zealand's Rivers an Environmental History
    New Zealand's Rivers an Environmental History
    'New Zealand s Rivers: An environmental history' explores the relationship between New Zealanders and their rivers, explaining how they have arrived at a crisis point, where fresh water has become their most contested resource and many rivers are too polluted to swim in. Environmental historian Catherine Knight reveals that the tension between exploitation and enjoyment of rivers is not new. Rivers were treasured by Maori as food baskets and revered as the dwelling places of supernatural creatures. But following European settlement, they became drains for mining, industrial waste and sewage, and were harnessed to generate power and to irrigate farmland. Over time, the utilitarian view of rivers has been increasingly questioned by those who value rivers for recreation as well as for ecological, spiritual and cultural reasons. Today, the sustainable use of rivers is the subject of intense debate. Thoroughly researched and richly illustrated, 'New Zealand s Rivers' is an accessible and compelling read for all New Zealanders, including anglers, kayakers, farmers, environmental practitioners, policy-makers, students and anyone with an interest in our environment and history."

    ISBN: 9781927145760
    Publication date: 01/11/2016
    Price: $49.99
    Author: Knight, Catherine Heather
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $49.99
  • New Zealands Western Front Campaign
    New Zealands Western Front Campaign
    ISBN: 9781869539269
    Publication date: 12/09/2016
    Price: $79.99
    Author: McGibbon, Ian
    Format: Hard Back
    Price: $79.99
  • Ngaio Marsh Her Life in Crime
    Ngaio Marsh Her Life in Crime
    The Empress of Crime's life was the ultimate detective story -- revealed for the first time in this forthright and perceptive biography. While Ngaio Marsh had a flamboyant public persona, she was fiercely protective of her private life. And no one knows better how to cover tracks with red herrings and remove incriminating evidence than a crime fiction writer! This fascinating biography of Ngaio Marsh pieces together both the public and private Marsh in a way that is as riveting as a crime novel. Through her writing and her theatre work, Joanne Drayton assembles the pieces to the puzzle that is Marsh, proving that life can be as thrilling as fiction. Marsh wrote her first detective novel in a London flat in the depths of the 1930s Depression, bringing life to Detective Inspector Roderick Alleyn in her first book, A Man Lay Dead. Through 32 novels he would establish himself as one of the great super-sleuths, and Marsh as one of the four Queens of Golden Age detective fiction, alongside Agatha Christie, Dorothy Sayers and Margery Allingham.
    In 1932, a family tragedy brought Marsh home to New Zealand, to a life divided - between hemispheres, between passionate relationships at home and abroad, and between the world of publishing and her life as a stage director. In 1949 her writing would earn her the ultimate distinction when Penguin and Collins released the 'Marsh Million': 100,000 copies each of ten of her titles on to the world market. The popular appetite for classic whodunits was insatiable and Ngaio Marsh was one of the best. But her greatest love was the stage - or was it?

    ISBN: 9780007328680
    Publication date: 24/08/2009
    Price: $29.99
    Author: Drayton, Joanne
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $29.99
  • Ocean Notorious
    Ocean Notorious
    For lovers of exciting non-fiction about remote and rarely visited places - and maritime adventures. True first-person stories of the Southern Ocean from NZ to Antarctica - the windiest, roughest, most isolated body of water on earth. * Can be compared with: * Simon Winchester's Atlantic * Johnny Wray's South Sea Vagabonds - a 2014 NZ bestseller * Joan Druett's Island of the Lost * Bruce Chatwin's classic In Patagonia. Motivated and media-savvy author & perennially popular genre The Southern Ocean is Earth's most notorious body of water. It circles Antarctica, acts as a violent mixer of wind and water, links all other oceans, is feared by sailors and explorers - and is mostly ignored by the rest of the world. Human influence is minimal; the idea of settlement is absurd. There are only widely scattered outposts of people who have come ashore intentionally and temporarily - or have been shipwrecked or abandoned. The author is an intrepid sailor who has guided and spun stories on many southern ocean voyages to Antarctica and subantarctic islands and led the Artists in Antarctica Programme.

    ISBN: 9781927249260
    Publication date: 20/11/2015
    Price: $40.00
    Author: Vance, Matt
    Format: Hard Back
    Price: $40.00
  • Only Two for Everest
    Only Two for Everest
    The First New Zealand Himalayan Expedition, in 1951, was initiated by Earle Riddiford, who with Ed Cotter and Pasang Dawa Lama made the first ascent of Mukut Parbat, their target peak in the Garhwal Himalaya. Accompanying them on that expedition, though not to that summit, were two other New Zealand climbers, Edmund Hillary and George Lowe. Hearing of the success on Mukut Parbat, the New Zealand Alpine Club suggested to the Alpine Club in London that acclimatised New Zealanders would be a valuable asset on the forthcoming 1951 British Reconnaissance of Mt Everest, to be led by Eric Shipton. This resulted in an invitation for two New Zealanders to join the party: thrilling news the four climbers received while they were ensconced in the hill-country village of Ranikhet. A day and a half of bitter dispute rent the party asunder. Which two should go to Everest? In this enthralling narrative, journalist Lyn McKinnon tells the stories of Earle Riddiford and Ed Cotter, two extraordinary New Zealanders whose climbing achievements were forever eclipsed by the exploits of others. She draws on private papers as well as published work, and extensively interviews Cotter himself, and the families of both men, as well as many other contemporary climbers, to set the record straight.

    ISBN: 9781927322406
    Publication date: 01/10/2016
    Price: $49.99
    Author: McKinnon, Lyn
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $49.99
  • Penguin History of New Zealand
    Penguin History of New Zealand
    New Zealand was the last country in the world to be discovered and settled by humankind. It was also the first to introduce full democracy. Between those events, and in the century that followed the franchise, the movements and conflicts of human history have been played out more intensively and more rapidly in New Zealand than anywhere else on Earth. The Penguin History of New Zealand tells that story in all its colour and drama. The narrative that emerges is an inclusive one about men and women, Maori and Pakeha. It shows that British motives in colonising New Zealand were essentially humane; and that Maori, far from being passive victims of a 'fatal impact', coped heroically with colonisation and survived by selectively accepting and adapting what Western technology and culture had to offer. This bestselling book, the triumphant fruit of careful research, wide reading and judicious assessment, is the unchallenged contemporary reference to the history of New Zealand.

    ISBN: 9780143567578
    Publication date: 22/02/2012
    Edition: 2
    Price: $38.00
    Author: King, Michael
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $38.00
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