• Big Smoke New Zealand Cities 1840-1920

    Big Smoke New Zealand Cities 1840-1920
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    The pursuit of city life is one of the most important untold stories of New Zealand. The Big Smoke is the first comprehensive history to tell this story, presenting a dynamic and highly illustrated account of city life from 1840 to 1920.It explores such questions as: what did cities look like and how did they change; why were women especially drawn to live in cities; in what ways did Maori experience and shape cities; how far was the street a living room and stage for city life; and why did New Zealand so quickly became a nation of townspeople?At a time of national debate over housing and the growth of our cities, Ben Schrader's superb new history reveals how our urban origins have shaped the people we are today.

    ISBN: 9780947492434
    Publication date: 01/10/2016
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    Author: Schrader, Ben
    Format: Paperback
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