• Gentle Giant Wetapunga

    Gentle Giant Wetapunga
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    Wetapunga is one of Earth's earliest insect survivors, from Gondwanaland to now. However, the arrival of humans to Aotearoa has endangered the 11 known giant species, due to predator mammals such as dogs, rats, possums etc and the clearing of their forest habitat.

    This stunning picture book tells us how the ancient insect lives and defends itself, and can be read on two levels. Florian's lyrical verse describes w?t?punga in action, while paragraphs of text on the opposite page provide all the facts. Details of a breeding programme to preserve the species and a timeline are included. Similar in style to Florian's eye-catching Kiwi: the Real Story, Gentle Giant will appeal to children from age 5 to 12.

    ISBN: 9781869664817
    Price: $24.99
    Author: Florian, Annemanrie
    Format: Paperback
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