• Bob's Blue Period
    Bob's Blue Period
    Bob the bird loves to paint pictures with his best friend Bat. But one day Bat goes away and Bob is sad. He tries to paint, but everything he paints is blue! Can his friends help him to find his bright colours again?

    From Marion Deuchars comes this charming and funny follow-up to Bob the Artist, about feeling sad, expressing your emotions and ways to feel better.

    ISBN: 9781786270696
    Publication date: 21/05/2018
    Price: $24.99
    Author: Deuchars, Marion
    Format: Hard Back
    Price: $24.99
  • Book of No Worries
    Book of No Worries
    This essential guide covers a multitude of worries and anxieties that a young person may face while growing up. Children over 10 often have to deal with a bigger, scarier school, increased pressure to study and get good grades while making and maintaining friendships. Add to that the non-stop nature of social media and the added pressure that it brings and it's no surprise anxiety and depression is on the increase.

    Friendly, funny text aims to reassure tweens that their worries and fears are normal and offers practical tips for managing anxiety and stress, for example practising mindfulness and meditation. The text features case studies and questions from 'real-life' anonymous readers. All worries are recognised, whether it's problems at school, relationship woes, body image issues or troubles at home - positive text and advice will help young people survive angst and stress that can bring them down.

    ISBN: 9781912413980
    Publication date: 29/08/2018
    Price: $22.99
    Author: Cox, Lizzie
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $22.99
  • Celebrate Your Body
    Celebrate Your Body
    ISBN: 9781641521666
    Publication date: 29/05/2018
    Price: $14.99
    Author: Taylor, Sonya Renee
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $14.99
  • Colour of Happy
    Colour of Happy
    A beautiful explanation of feelings shown through colour as one little boy navigates a range of emotions - from happiness and excitement to hope and love, all on his way to present a gift to his mum.

    Blue is for the calm I feel wandering in the spring.

    Yellow is for happy when I spot a special thing.

    This book is the perfect introduction to both emotions and colours.

    ISBN: 9781444939682
    Publication date: 02/05/2019
    Price: $19.99
    Author: Baker, Laura
    Format: Picture Flat
    Price: $19.99
  • Dont Think About Purple Elephants
    Dont Think About Purple Elephants
    Now in paperback! Sometimes Sophie worries -- not during the day when she is busy with family and friends, but at night when everything is calm and quiet. Her family all try to help, but somehow they just make her worries worse. Until her mother thinks of a new approach ...that might just involve an elephant or two! But wait, don't think about purple elephants, whatever you do! Whimsical and humorous, this little girl's story of finding a way to ease her worry will resonate with children and parents everywhere.
    Teachers' notes available.

    ISBN: 9781925335484
    Publication date: 01/04/2017
    Price: $14.99
    Author: Whelan, Susan
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $14.99
  • Feel a Little
    Feel a Little
    Feel A Little is a colourful, character-filled book about big feelings for little ones. It features poems by Jenny Palmer, illustrated by Evie Kemp, in their first ever collaboration and they've partnered with Little Love to publish this heartfelt project into a bright, beautiful hardback book. Feel A Little features a rainbow of 14 important emotions, all explored through gorgeous 'read along' rhymes accompanied by cute characters. Feel A Little is perfect for reading to children from a young age, and for children aged 7-11 to read to you. Youth emotional and mental health are huge issues in our communities, with children maturing earlier and facing an isolating modern world with modern challenges. As a community we need to start focussing on understanding and encouraging communication around feelings from an early age - equipping children with the tools they need to best face the ups and downs (and in-betweens) of life. Parents, caregivers and educators need a variety of ways to encourage these conversations and the safe space of engaged reading together is a proven, effective beginning.Feel A Little creates poetic and imaginative word prompts and a visual language for emotions, providing a starting point for discussions that you can come back to again and again.

    ISBN: 9780473384456
    Publication date: 05/05/2017
    Price: $25.00
    Author: Palmer, Jenny
    Format: Hard Back
    Price: $25.00
  • Feelings
    What you feel is who you are...Explore a world of emotions with this stunning peep-through picture book. Richard Jones' enchanting illustrations and the lyrical text make each and every feeling come to life to help children understand the emotions they experience.

    ISBN: 9781848575080
    Publication date: 08/09/2016
    Price: $22.99
    Author: Walden, Libby
    Format: Hard Back
    Price: $22.99
  • Getting Things Done for Teens
    Getting Things Done for Teens
    'As a GTD devotee for nearly two decades, I know how these principles have transformed my own work life. So I'm thrilled that David Allen is bringing his brilliance to the most important audience of all: Our young people. Today's teenagers face a tsunami of distractions and pressures. This practical and powerful book will ease their stress and focus their minds in ways that will last a lifetime' - Daniel H. Pink, New York Times bestselling author of When and Drive

    'If you learn these techniques, they'll pay off for decades' - Charles Duhigg, New York Times bestselling author of The Power of Habit

    The most interconnected generation in history is navigating unimaginable amounts of social pressure, both in personal and online interactions. Very little time, focus or education is being spent teaching and coaching this generation how to navigate the unprecedented amount of 'stuff' entering their lives each day. How do we help the overloaded and distracted next generation deal with increasing complexity and help them not only survive, but thrive? How do we help them experience stress-free productivity and gain momentum and confidence? How do we help them achieve autonomy, so that they can confidently take on whatever comes their way?

    Getting Things Done for Teens will train the next generation to overcome these obstacles and flourish by coaching them to use the internationally renowned Getting Things Done methodology. In its two editions, David Allen's classic has been translated into dozens of languages and sold over a million copies, establishing itself as one of the most influential business books of its era, and the ultimate book on personal organization. Getting Things Done for Teens will adapt its lessons by offering a fresh take on the GTD methodology, framing life as a game to play and GTD as the game pieces and strategies to play your most effective game. It presents GTD in a highly visual way and frames the methodology as not only as a system for being productive in school, but as a set of tools for everyday life.

    Getting Things Done for Teens is the how-to manual for the next generation - a strategic guidebook for creating the conditions for a fruitful and effective future.

    ISBN: 9780349421414
    Publication date: 10/07/2018
    Price: $37.99
    Author: Allen, David
    Format: Trade Paperback
    Price: $37.99
  • Grandma Forgets
    Grandma Forgets
    A warm, uplifting picture book about a family bound by love as they cope with their grandmother's dementia.

    When your grandmother can't remember your name it should be sad, but maybe it is just an opportunity to tell her more often how much you love her. Grandma Forgets is the heart-warming story of a family bound by love as they cope with their grandma's dementia. Over the years, the little girl has built up a treasure trove of memories of time spent with Grandma: sausages for Sunday lunch, driving in her sky-blue car to the beach, climbing her apple trees while she baked a delicious apple pie, and her comforting hugs during wild storms. But now, Grandma can't remember those memories. She makes up new rules for old games and often hides Dad's keys. Sometimes Dad is sad because he has to hold onto the memories for both him and his mother now, but fortunately his daughter is only too happy to help him make new memories to share. This is a warm, hopeful story about a family who sometimes needs to remind their grandmother a little more often than they used to about how much they care. She might not remember any of their names but she will always know how much she is loved.
    Teachers' notes available.

    ISBN: 9781925335811
    Publication date: 19/02/2018
    Price: $14.99
    Author: Russell, Paul
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $14.99
  • Grey-glasses-itis
    Grey-glasses-itis helps children to understand the link between how they see things and how they feel. Loppy notices that he feels differently when he looks at the world around him through different-coloured glasses. Yellow glasses make him feel cheerful. Grey glasses make him feel sad. Children will learn that a simple shift in perception can often give them some influence over their feelings, helping to build their emotional resilience.

    Teachers notes are available.

    ISBN: 9781925335958
    Publication date: 01/01/2019
    Price: $19.99
    Author: Jenkins, Lynn
    Format: Picture Flat
    Price: $19.99
  • Hair in Funny Places
    Hair in Funny Places
    Girls and boys are always curious and sometimes even alarmed by the behaviour of their bodies as they grow up. Puberty being a particularly unsettling time, Babette Cole has made this the subject of the fifth title in her bestselling series of 'family dilemmas'. Who else but Babette would have the temerity to tackle this subject in a picture book and the genius to carry it off! In "Hair in Funny Places" her artwork is without exaggeration some of the best she has ever done: it is brilliant. The text takes the form of a conversation between a small girl and her teddy bear, and is ingenious and funny. It is the behaviour of Mr and Mrs Hormone (wonderfully depicted) which is responsible for and plays havoc with the physical and emotional states of girls and boys throughout puberty. This book is bound to be controversial but Babette has never taken the conventional path and her readers love her for her outrageous approach to little mentioned topics.

    ISBN: 9780099266266
    Publication date: 04/10/2001
    Price: $22.00
    Author: Cole, Babette
    Format: Picture Flat
    Price: $22.00
  • Hope Nation
    Hope Nation
    "This amazing outpouring of strength and honesty offers inspirational personal accounts for every reader who wonders what to do when everything seems impossible." --Booklist, starred review

    A 2019 Texas Topaz Reading List Selection A Junior Library Guild Selection

    Hope is a decision, but it is a hard one to recognize in the face of oppression, belittlement, alienation, and defeat. To help embolden hope, here is a powerhouse collection of essays and personal stories that speak directly to teens and all YA readers. Featuring Angie Thomas, Marie Lu, Nicola Yoon, David Levithan, Libba Bray, Jason Reynolds, Ren e Ahdieh, and many more!

    "The hope of a secure and livable world lies with disciplined nonconformists who are dedicated to justice, peace and brotherhood."--Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    We all experience moments when we struggle to understand the state of the world, when we feel powerless and--in some cases--even hopeless. The teens of today are the caretakers of tomorrow, and yet it's difficult for many to find joy or comfort in such a turbulent society. But in trying times, words are power.

    Some of today's most influential young adult authors come together in this highly personal collection of essays and original stories that offer moments of light in the darkness, and show that hope is a decision we all can make.

    Like a modern day Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul or Don't Sweat the Small Stuff for Teens, Hope Nation acknowledges the pain and offers words of encouragement.

    Authors include: Atia Abawi, Renee Ahdieh, Libba Bray, Howard Bryant, Ally Carter, Ally Condie, Christina Diaz Gonzales, Gayle Forman, Romina Garber, I. W. Gregario, Kate Hart, Bendan Kiely, David Levithan, Alex London, Marie Lu, Julie Murphy, Jason Reynolds, Aisha Saeed, Nic Stone, Angie Thomas, Jenny Torres Sanchez, Jeff Zentner, and Nicola Yoon.

    Praise for Hope Nation

    "A salve when days are bleak."--Kirkus Reviews

    "An important and inspiring read for thoughtful teens."--School Library Journal

    ISBN: 9781524741853
    Publication date: 26/02/2019
    Price: $21.00
    Author: Brock, Rose
    Format: Paperback
    Price: $21.00
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