• 100 Ideas for Primary Teachers Interventions

    100 Ideas for Primary Teachers Interventions
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    It's not unusual to find children in your class who are falling behind their peers, either academically or socially, but you rarely know exactly why or what to do about it. This book provides tried-and-tested interventions so that you can determine the specific needs of each child and help them overcome whatever issues they might be facing.

    With a vast range of abilities and difficulties in each class, this book is the perfect `dip in and problem solve' solution when teachers are planning their interventions. It covers letter and number transposition, one-to-one correspondence, handwriting issues, reading support and guidance, phonological breakdown skills, coin skills, patterning, sequencing, and telling the time.

    Offering a mixture of one-to-one interventions and small-group work, this book is the ultimate resource for planning and undertaking primary school interventions.

    ISBN: 9781472949660
    Publication date: 08/03/2018
    Price: $29.99
    Author: Lockyer, Stephen
    Format: Paperback
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